About 7even - 15 years of alternative nightlfe in the heart of Sunderland

Opening in 2003 and boasting the most impressive sound system about the area. The vision of 7even was to produce a venue that offered premium music and premium drinks for premium people. The nightclub opened in an exciting time for English rock music and brought the ever popular and growing britpop and indie rock music sounds to Sunderland's active nightlife. 7even also introduced northern soul and funky nineties electronic music to the area.

Fast forward 15 years and 7even is still the only true alternative club in Sunderland Tyne & Wear. 7even is a nightclub and bar that offers a real music experience to it’s customers. Amongst bars and nightclubs, 7even is a venue renowned for music variety and breaking the status quo of club soundtracks. The soundtrack to 7even is curated by their resident DJs. You can expect Alt, Indy, House and genre nights at 7even. 

About The Signature 7even Sound.

On weekends they stick to the signature 7even sound of britpop and Indy downstairs. Upstairs you can expect a modernised Madchester or baggy house sound. They do this because their signature sound spans generations. The committed following of 7even fans are now beginning to introduce their adult and student children to the popular club. On weeknights and for their many special events, however; 7even is the only club in Sunderland boasting nights that feature such diverse genres as northern soul, rockabilly, Kpop, Trap, 90s House, HC, PSY, Shoegaze, EBM, EDM and independent hip-hop nights. 

7even’s sound system is a top of the line pioneer system and the atmosphere is heightened with interesting visuals, live sports and films screened on our huge 65inch screens in 4K. The bar is always reinventing with new and interesting events within our venue, such as semi regular film nights and hobby clubs.

 7even are a proud Heineken stockist, who only serve the best brands of beer and spirits. 7even offers the best drink selection in Sunderland that is available across two bars on two floors. Unlike many Sunderland bars who got done for serving dangerous moonshine and illegal knock off spirits… you can only expect the highest standard of beers and spirits straight from the can or bottle here.